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Slide Cuts and Cerakote

Optic Cuts

Upgrade your handgun’s performance with Colorado Gun Fighter’s Optic Cuts. With precise machining, these cuts seamlessly integrate red dot sights, empowering you to acquire targets faster and shoot with remarkable precision.

RMR Footprint Fits: Trijicon RMR and SRO | Holosun 407C, 507C, 508T | Swampfox Kingslayer | Liberty | Justice | & More… Call With Questions (970) 422-8261

RMRcc Footprint Fits: Trijicon RMRcc

Shield RMS/SMS Footprint Fits: Shield RMS/RMSc, SMS/SMSc | Sig Romeo Zero | Swampfox Sentinel | Leupold Delta Point Pro

Cosmetic Slide Cuts

  • Mountain
  • Blade
  • Stripe

Cerakote Color Options

Slide Cut Pricing

  • Optic Cut – $165 
  • Optic Cut With Purchase of Optics – $100
  • Cosmetic Slide Cuts – $300

* Price Does Not Include Shipping

Cerakote Pricing

  • $195 For Cerakote Color Finish

Schedule A Slide Cut

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