About Gunfighter Group

Gunfighter Group, LLC is a Durango, Colorado, based company that casts a broad net into the firearms industry. Gunfighter Group is comprised of three companies:

  • Colorado Gunfighter – A full-service retail store
  • Gunfighter Cartridge Company – An ammunition & component manufacturing company
  • Gunfighter Development Group – Professional training organization
Logo for the Gunfighter Group based in Durango, Colorado.
Colorado Gun Fighter Logo

Colorado Gun Fighter

Colorado Gunfighter is Southwest Colorado’s and the Four Corner’s premier Class III firearms and accessories retail shop. CGF features an extensive selection of guns, ammunition, suppressors and accessories, serving as the day-to-day face of the overall organization, CGF is dedicated to professionalism and unrivaled customer service.

Gunfighter Cartridge Company

Gunfighter Cartridge Company is focused on research and development as well as the manufacturing of small arms cartridges and components. A culmination of decades of experience in the firearms industry with real-world and austere application, GCC’s primary directive is to tip the scales of battlefield dynamics through external and terminal ballistic innovation. 

Additionally, GCC excels in the execution of intent-specific design and fulfillment requirements for unique clientele. Finally, GCC manufactures small-arms munitions for general retail sale, specializing specifically in frangible projectile technology.

Image of custom bullets manufactured by the Colorado Gun Fighter Cartridge Company in Durango, Colorado
A group of class members stand in front of targets during a Colorado Gun Fighter Development Group training course.

Gunfighter Development Group

Gunfighter Development Group provides industry-leading tactical preparedness, medical and organizational development consultation, and instruction. GDG is scalable in its application from one-on-one personal/professional development to organizational capabilities development and execution. 

GDG leverages content-specific instructors, pedigreed in their area of expertise. GDG is a no-compromise component of Gunfighter Group and is relentless in the pursuit of providing the best instruction tailored to a client’s mission set and/or organizational requirements.

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Customer Testimonials

Esperanza Vigil
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I went in today and was able to pick out a 9mm pistol! Henry was awesome, and showed me exactly what I wanted. I was nervous to go in there because I’m a Hispanic female, and other gun shops have ignored my presence. He helped me pick the pistol I wanted, I could ask him questions without feeling dumb, and the best part, I got treated with respect. We got it done in less than an hour. And I can’t wait to go back and get some other things I will need. I will continue to give them my business, and send my friends there also!! Thank you, Henry, for helping me choose a pistol I’m confortable with!! Best little gun store in Durango!!
Alex Ferraro
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Awesome selection, never thought I would find a gun store this good in Durango. It’s better than you can imagine…50 cals to flamethrowers to affordable handguns. Staff is eager to show you the products, very knowledgeable and kind
Ordell Platero
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Amazing staff! JJ has the best crew in town, if you want to ask them questions they all have the knowledge about anything and everything. I continue to return back to see what they have in stock and they have the best prices in town. They don't just sells guns they give the best advice and knowledge! Keep up the amazing work guys, I will continue to shop you guys first. 7 out of 5 starts from this happy customer.
Elizabeth Potter
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Great customer service and offerings. I just took a class here and it was super informative, affordable, and I felt, had all of the modern technology needed to be on the forefront of gun safety, usage, and awareness. Even if you don’t own a gun, the classes and knowledge provided here are a must for anyone. The owner is a veteran and retired police officer, so you are gaining first hand knowledge. Priceless.
Walton Kendrick
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Knowledgeable folks, friendly, good prices. Bought my first Glock 17 there and am very happy with the weapon and also how fast the background check process went. Will be heading back in the future. Thanks for a great experience!
Alexis Gilge
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Very friendly staff. Organized store with a large variety. This was my first time stopping in after hearing so many good things from my friends and family. All of the staff was incredibly helpful, and the owner was a really cool dude. I will definitely have to stop by next time I am in town. Thank you!
Steven Attlee
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What an amazing store! Was looking for some Ammo on a visit to Durango and had no idea I would find such a well stocked spot. Staff were super friendly and knowledgeable. I picked up a couple cases of Ammo that were very reasonably priced; anytime you find a store in times like these that isn’t price gouging, you know you’ve got a winner!
Jason Davenport
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Love this place. Hands down the best gun store around. JJ and his crew are very informative and helpful. They also offer CCP classes and training on a program called Milo. Would highly recommend.
Philip Dowling
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Great customer service! The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and very accommodating. The store is well stocked, especially with ammunition. I was visiting southeast Utah and southwest Colorado recently and could not find any AR ammunition anywhere. I was fortunate to have found Colorado Gun Fighter on the web and was able to purchase all that I needed. I would highly recommend Colorado Gun Fighter to any gun enthusiast!
Nick Howard
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These folks are genuinely awesome. Very knowledgeable of their products and patient with those that are not. They arent trying to sell you something just to sell you something, they want to sell the right product for you. Plus, you may get to meet the sweetest Mastiff in CO.