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Colorado Gun Fighter

Law Enforcement Training


Officer Down Training (Tac Med, TCCC) (med kits available with class) 


Instructed by US Army Special Forces: the class is designed enhance an Officers survivability of hostile situtations and understand basic medical procedures with medical kits provided. Officers will learn how to stop bleeding, treat chest wounds, provide care under fire.

Active Shooter Course (using simunition)
10hr course designed to give first responders the upper hand in dealing with Active Shooter situations. (Perfect for School Resource Officers and new recruits.)

Combat Pistol Course
(2 days- 1000 rds per Officer)

Patrol Rifle Course
(2 days- 1000 rds per Officer)

Patrol Shotgun Course
(2 days- 500 rds per Officer)

Basic Scoped Rifle Course
(1 day 500 rds per Officer)
Officers learn the basics of magnified optics and how to push the patrol rifle beyond 50 yards.

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