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Civilian Training


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Colorado Gun Fighter offers the following classes:

CCW Classes (Concealed Carry Permit for Colorado and several other states)

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Woman's Only CCW Class
$135.00 includes optional range time.


Basic Pistol and Rifle Course
$200.00 includes 4 hours of classroom and range instruction.

Advanced Pistol and Rifle Course
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Precision Rifle Training
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Home Defense Class
In home training with threat assessments to ensure a safe living environment for you and your family.  $ 75.00 per hour.


Youth Firearms Education and Safety Class
$ 75.00 for 2 hour class. 


Facility Security Assessment's

Onsite threat assessment to secure your business, church, home.  Low cost recommendations to make your place a harder target for criminals.  Call for pricing.


Training for Security Companies and Security Teams 
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